Amplify change

Welcome to the Amplify Change programme. 

Transforming the council. Transforming lives. 

We all know we need to change. We need to change so that we become a truly modern, efficient and sustainable organisation. The Amplify Change programme brings together the people, the programmes and the projects that will transform the council so that we can transform the lives of the people we serve.  

On these pages, you’ll find the latest news about how we’re working together to amplify change.  

Our vision is simple: to transform the council so that we make the Shropshire Plan happen, reduce spend, and help our 343,000 residents live their best lives. By working with speed and clarity, we will reduce demand and dependency on expensive services so that the people of Shropshire live fulfilling, independent lives. Our work is good for the people we serve, and good for the council. 

We will do this by breaking down barriers and liberating everyone to make the difference we all want to make. After all, that’s why we all joined the council.  

Welcome to Amplify Change. Welcome back to Shropshire Council.  

The five key themes amplifying change 

We are one programme constituted for practical reasons around government, management and interdependencies. There are five key themes amplifying change. Within each theme area are specific projects:

  • Adults 

  • Children 

  • Customer Journey 

  • Commercial 

  • Target Operating Model

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